a note

I'm starting this blog so that I can have a place to put my thoughts about music. Stuff that I'll probably write about might include a) music I think is cool, b) some music theory (potentially), c) feminism & anti-racism, d) more feminism & anti-racism, and maybe other things. If you find the content enjoyable, … Continue reading a note

Song Cycles and Fragile Masculinity

As a classical pianist who enjoys playing vocal chamber music and also music written my women, one question I wondered about for a long time is: Why aren't there any song cycles by women? Of course, there are some--Lili Boulanger's Clairières dans le ciel comes to mind--but these do not compare in number or popularity … Continue reading Song Cycles and Fragile Masculinity

A Rational Analysis: The Music of Ludwig van Beethoven

The purpose of this short essay is to present the music of Ludwig van Beethoven shorn of any prejudice caused by the commonly held beliefs that he was a fiery genius, powerful individual, or the embodiment of music. In fact, that Beethoven was a musical reactionary is established without doubt. He was a Classicist, and … Continue reading A Rational Analysis: The Music of Ludwig van Beethoven